Josu Erkoreka visits TECNALIA's meteorological facilities

4 April 2022
Josu Erkoreka visita las instalaciones meteorológicas de TECNALIA

“The Basque First Vice-President highlights the prediction, early detection and monitoring of adverse phenomena by Euskalmet experts”

The Basque First Vice-President visits TECNALIA’s Meteorology and Climate facilities, to mark World Meteorological Day, highlighting the work carried out by Euskalmet.

Coinciding with the celebration of World Meteorological Day, the Basque First Vice-President and Regional Minister for Security, Josu Erkoreka, has highlighted the important work carried out by the Basque Meteorological Agency, Euskalmet, in an event held at TECNALIA’s Meteorology and Climate facilities.

The Regional Deputy Minister for Security, Rodrigo Gartzia, and the Director of Emergencies and Meteorology, Fernando Izaguirre, also participated in the event. Santiago Gaztelumendi, Director of Meteorology and Climate at TECNALIA, presented the main lines of work and projects, showing the different facilities available for monitoring, following, forecasting and media.

EuskalEguraldia Digital Volunteer Association

The new EuskalEguraldia digital volunteer association, specialised in providing meteorological information to Euskalmet through social networks, was officially presented at the meeting. From now on, EuskalEguraldia will provide the Basque agency with photographs and videos, allowing for better dissemination of information on adverse weather and its consequences.

The meeting also served as an opportunity to present the meteorological balance for 2021, which concluded with the activation of 176 yellow alerts, 18 orange alerts and 1 red alert.

The Basque First Vice-President stressed the essential work of the Basque Meteorological Agency in the context of emergencies and civil protection. He highlighted the work carried out by the Euskalmet professionals, not only regarding the preparation of daily forecasts, but also for their total involvement in identifying and following the impact of adverse phenomena in the field of emergencies and civil protection.