Launch of the “Strategic Keys for the New Smart Industry” ebook

6 November 2023
Lanzamos el Ebook “Claves estratégicas para la Industria Inteligente”

“TECNALIA helps you to understand the trends and opportunities of the current technological innovation model in the industry, in a complete ebook prepared in two instalments”

Launch of the “Strategic Keys for the New Smart Industry” ebook containing valuable contributions from our internal experts, customers and partners

The industry model that we have known in the past no longer exists. The overall economic and competitive context has become much more complex, leading to the emergence of new factors that need to be addressed.

Smart Industry integrates new innovation models and technological trends such as digitalisation, automation and sustainability, which will boost the competitiveness of companies that adopt this philosophy in their business strategy.

Why the “Strategic Keys for the New Smart Industry” ebook was created

Due to the impact of a much more complex context that has led to the emergence of new factors, the industry is going through highly uncertain times. Behind issues such as digitalisation, automation, sustainability and cybersecurity, there is a much deeper transformation that affects the way companies compete.

TECNALIA has been developing solutions for Smart Industry for over a decade now. TECNALIA has worked with more than 9,500 companies across multiple sectors, helping them to quickly share lines of innovation and subsequent implementation plans. As a result of these relationships, TECNALIA’s expertise as a technology centre and a deep analysis of questions that the industry has, the “Strategic Keys for the New Smart Industry” ebook was created.

How to obtain the strategic ebook

As the content is highly important and relevant, the ebook has been divided into two instalments so that you can access the first one, download it, and after a few days you’ll receive the second instalment.

To get the first instalment, simply access the form located on the page “Ebook: Strategic Keys for the New Smart Industry”. The aim of the process is to be able to analyse the information and receive the second instalment after a few days. It combines valuable content that can be applied to the business strategy of industrial companies and the contributions of clients and collaborators such as AFM Cluster for Advanced and Digital Manufacturing, Atlas Tecnológico and Grupo VISCOFAN.

TECNALIA would like to bring you technological solutions to answer all your questions and have a positive impact on the competitiveness of your business.