Light electric vehicles for the mobility of the future

2 June 2022
Vehículos eléctricos ligeros para la movilidad del futuro

“The next technological step will be the connectivity of the ECU that has been designed”

Vizcaya-based company NUUK Mobility Solutions (NMS) and Cantabria-based SEG Automotive have signed an agreement to manufacture electric motorcycles

The automotive industry is undergoing deep transformation and this involves manufacturers, suppliers and consumers. As SEG Automotive Operations Manager Iñaki Calvo points out, “the prototype launch phase will take place in November and the first motorcycle order will include 400-700 units, which is the first step for projects relating to electric mobility for bicycles."

TECNALIA is taking part in the project as the developer of the first hardware, together with Jacinto Herrero, which has manufactured the casing, and IKOR, supplying the circuit boards.

TECNALIA and Micromobility

TECNALIA offers the micromobility industry electrification solutions, from hybridisation to full-electric. The focus is placed on the design and development of new highly efficient powertrain and drivetrain architectures.

TECNALIA specialises in the implementation of the control algorithm in the electronic systems of the main functions of the vehicle, with special emphasis on propulsion systems.