Promoting photovoltaic integration in buildings and infrastructure

26 March 2024
Integración fotovoltaica en edificios e infraestructuras

“The project will help Basque companies to train in the integration of photovoltaic elements in the construction sector”.

MULTI-PV, an project led by TECNALIA, will promote the integration of multifunctional photovoltaic modules and systems in buildings and infrastructure

The project aims to create advanced technologies to develop multifunctional PV modules and systems that can be integrated into buildings and infrastructure. Today, integrated photovoltaics is a market with strong growth prospects, but with significant challenges in terms of cost, aesthetics, maintenance, energy efficiency and durability.

Currently, large areas exposed to the sun, both in buildings and infrastructure, could be used if specific solutions were available to solve existing problems: building- and infrastructure-integrated photovoltaics are expected to gain ground compared to large-scale facilities.

Developments to be carried out in this project

Several sub-assemblies will be manufactured and independently monitored in controlled environments in various applications:

  • Photovoltaic (PV) skylights with complex geometry in Lanik installations
  • Ventilated PV façades and other unique façades in TECNALIA’s Kubik experimental building
  • PV canopy in urban and railway environments
  • PV envelope for outdoor lifts
  • Prefabricated PV structural system for energy self-sufficient road tunnels

TECNALIA’s role in this project

TECNALIA is a technical coordinator in this project and is also involved the flexible and automated manufacturing of photovoltaic glass, in the development of an optimised and integrated digital manufacturing process and in the development of coloured PV glass with glass and film printing technology. Lightweight PV modules and composite film will be developed, as well as composite PV coatings.

MULTI-PV Partners

The project’s partners are companies supplying materials to manufacture integrated PV modules (Innomat and Mondragón Assembly); manufacturers of PV installation solutions (K2Glass, Izpitek and Umetal); PV installation solution integrators (Lanik, Teusa, Krean, Trameinsa Uxama); and potential public and private end-users (Baskonia Alavés, ETS-RFV and the Bizkaia Provincial Council). TECNALIA and KONIKER are technological partners.

**This project has received funding from the Basque Government’s HAZITEK Programme.