REBUILD 2022: a record edition with 17,344 participants

18 May 2022
Eneritz Barreiro

“We are working towards a more industrialised, sustainable and digitalised future to gain efficiency, competitiveness and promote a more responsible future.”

Decarbonisation of the sector, technology as a lever for industrialisation, digital trends and new business models were the main focal points of REBUILD 2022

From 28th to 30th April, the main challenges facing the construction sector were put on the table. These are based on ensuring a more industrialised, sustainable and digitalised future, with the aim of gaining efficiency, competitiveness and promoting a more responsible future.

  • Our colleague, Eneritz Barreiro, Head of the Urban Ecosystem, participated in the “New Business Models” conference, along with Eraikune Construction Cluster. She pointed out that sectors and markets related to decarbonisation and climate change will be the star niches for technology integration.
  • Jaime Moreno participated in the “Circular Economy in Building” round table; circular construction, zero waste, zero-miles, zero energy consumption, 100 % recyclability were the main topics.
  • Marta Fuente spoke about "How to approach an industrialised project". She emphasised the numerous advantages over the traditional project and there was not a single empty chair in the room.

Eraikune Construction Cluster Stand

We also participated in the Eraikune Construction Cluster stand, along with Alkora, BeXreal, BIM Scanner, JIT Housing, IA + B, Ibermatica, Mapei and Sukia. We showed our solutions in five strategic lines: Eco-Bio-Smart materials for construction, additive manufacturing in construction, digital twins for buildings, circularity of resources for the construction of buildings, and energy efficiency in buildings.

The stand had a speaking corner: Inés Alonso, Eneritz Barreiro and Joana Roncero led the conferences: “Wood-based sustainable construction”, “Digitalisation: Digital Transformation of the Construction Industry” and “Building the Future of Our Cities with 3D Printing”.

Rebuild 2023 has been scheduled: it will be held from 28th to 30th March 2023 at Ifema, Madrid.