Sustainable and social mobility: crossing Menorca in 20 minutes

18 February 2022

“The purpose of this new mobility is to improve people’s quality of life through the development of sustainable transport”

Umiles New Concept by TECNALIA at ParcBit in Menorca: a drone of electric drones that will make inter-island flights effective

The Umiles New Concept by TECNALIA air taxi project was presented at ParcBit in Menorca during the mobility conference organised by TECNALIA, in conjunction with those responsible for Transport and Mobility in Menorca and the Balearic Islands: a drone of electric drones to make inter-island flights effective.

The objective is to perform a pilot plan in Menorca to unite Maó and Ciutadella. The duration of the flight for which this drone, with capacity for two people, would be used is about 20 minutes with a cost of between 30 and 40 euros per passenger.

An appropriate heliport and the final version of the Umiles New Concept by TECNALIA will be required. Next May, it will participate in three European projects, bringing together the main players in the sector to carry out test flights and hence learn how it can be integrated safely into airspace.

Not only is it a question of pacifying population centres, but also of integrating new city models, elements that are more pedestrian, environment and sustainability friendly: 3S mobility: sustainable, smart and social.

New mobility targets

This new mobility aims to improve people's quality of life by developing sustainable transport for people from all over the world. The ultimate goal is to optimise transport within urban centres, and thus solve the growing problem of mobility within cities.