Sustainable mobility with a zero emissions city model

19 August 2022
Movilidad sostenible

"Energy efficiency, safety and comfort to provide urban vehicles with intelligence and connectivity."

Encouraging public versus private transportation is reflected as one of the best solutions to look after our cities and the environment

It is necessary to decarbonise, digitise and automate public transport in order to implement a zero-emissions city model and promote sustainable mobility that is environmentally friendly. At TECNALIA, we are working on the DIGIZITY project along with companies such as Avanza, Irizar, Hispacold, Jema, Nextium and Telnet and technology centres, such as CTAG and Itainnova to develop sustainable solutions.

Advanced smart and connected control systems

TECNALIA technology will allow for the development of advanced control systems for greater energy efficiency, safety and comfort, such as vehicle braking without human intervention or dynamic and urban cruise control.

On the other hand, it will develop diverse systems for use in automated driving, providing urban vehicles with intelligence and connectivity.

Digizity is a team project in which all the developments will be integrated as a single system in a new infrastructure for the testing of autonomous and connected vehicles, which will be implemented in the city of Zaragoza