TECNALIA and ASIMOB hybridized technologies for the deployment of autonomous vehicles in infrastructures

28 September 2021

TECNALIA collaborates with automotive SMEs in the Basque Country, hybridizing technologies in domestic and international projects.

ASIMOB, a company in the Basque Country, which offers solutions and services based on Artificial Intelligence used to provide information on road safety, is collaborating with TECNALIA to test and validate their solutions thanks to TECNALIA’s teams specialised in autonomous vehicles. These vehicles, aside from the digital infrastructure, connectivity, and digital maps, also need to know and adapt to the physical infrastructure, in other words, the roads that they will have to drive on.

Through a flexible system based on IoT and Artificial Intelligence, key parameters of the roads are monitored, which facilitates autonomous navigation and makes it safer.

With ASIMOB, TECNALIA interprets their information on the “state of the road” on our systems. This way, we jointly achieve a more efficient and safer autonomous driving and contribute to a future of connected, smart, and inclusive low-emissions mobility.

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This collaboration is the result of TECNALIA’s work with automotive SMEs in the Basque Country.