TECNALIA and UMILES reinforce their alliance to create air and land mobility solutions

25 April 2022
TECNALIA y UMILES refuerzan su alianza para crear soluciones de movilidad aérea y terrestre

“The growth of cities continues with a higher concentration of people and in a context in which the autonomous car is still a distant reality”

As a result of their collaboration, the new air taxi prototype will be unveiled this year

Solutions in the field of sustainable mobility should be accelerated to fight against climate change and contribute to improving people's quality of life. UMILES Next, the urban mobility division of the UMILES Group, known for its market presentation, in conjunction with TECNALIA, of the first 100% Spanish air taxi prototype, will also lead the development of applications for smart land mobility for operators of the new advanced mobility.

In order to tackle this ambitious field of action, UMILES Next has reinforced its collaboration agreement with us, having worked closely together since 2019. Therefore, having extended its activity, the alliance will integrate land mobility solutions, as well as air transport, the origin of its activity.

Under this premise, UMILES Next has positioned itself as a pioneering company in the dual commitment to new air and land mobility; whereby it is the world’s first manufacturer to bring aircraft and land vehicles to the market for new mobility operators, taking advantage of the synergies of our technology in both markets in a safe and sustainable way.

More advances in urban air taxis

UMILES Next continues working on a second air taxi prototype, also based on its flight stability patented system, FlyFree technology, which provides maximum stability and safety to transport passengers and goods.

More advanced, this new version will be unveiled in the coming months, and plans to participate in several European initiatives in different countries, like the United Kingdom, France and Spain, among others. At TECNALIA, we are still committed to the Basque industrial fabric to develop innovative projects and move towards smarter and more sustainable manufacturing.