TECNALIA contributes to the development of technologies for fully decarbonised long-distance maritime transport

12 August 2021
Barco en alta mar

ENGIMMONIA initiative contemplates the development of decarbonised alternative fuels, the integration of photovoltaic solutions, the recovery of residual heat, and an energy management system

Our experts in photovoltaic technologies face the challenge of integrating photovoltaic systems in ships: they incorporate an innovative solution that considers the development of composites with integrated photovoltaic cells. These cells allow the manufacture of structural products. The photovoltaic systems, integrated into different parts of the ships will withstand the harsh marine conditions: humid environment, corrosion, and salinity.

TECNALIA’s thermal energy researchers, in collaboration with the University of the Basque Country, will undertake the transfer to the maritime sector of solidly proven clean energy technologies for land applications; ORC-based waste heat recovery and absorption chiller for electricity production and cooling; optimisation of fuel-energy-heat management through an innovative real-time energy management system, as well as the introduction of “decarbonised” alternative fuels (ammonia) in the maritime transport sector to reduce their environmental impact.

The technologies developed at ENGIMMONIA will be demonstrated on full-scale MAN engines, and on three vessels: FAMOUS (tanker), DANAOS (ship), and ANEK (ferry).

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