TECNALIA fosters Industry 4.0 to automate and optimise production chains

22 July 2021

Experts from Ferrovial, TECNALIA, Sacyr and Nutanix analyse the arrival of digitalisation to modern plants

Innovation facilitating technologies configure a new industrial structure that goes from Industry 4.0 to the 5.0 version. Technology aims to simplify, automate and optimise production chains with new types of information in order to be able to make real time decisions. The digital transformation should be the opportunity to enable the communication of technologies, processes and people and make the most of them.

However, the human factor, the concept of "humankind in the loop"; the person as part of the production circuit in application models that learn from human feedback needs to be incorporated in the debate. The operator is asked and interacts with the application that is being deployed.

Further information

According to a report by Forbes, 80 % of a production company’s workforce are employees who are not at a desk with a computer or a mobile phone. However, investment in software tools for this profile, which needs to keep their hands free, is 1 %. This fact suggests the need to develop systems with more immersive interaction to give support.