TECNALIA identifies R&D and innovation priorities in the aerospace sector

16 November 2020

The Aerospace Technologies Group (GTA in Spanish) published the final document on Industrial Priorities for R&D and Innovation in Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

The Spanish Aerospace Platform (PAE) has launched the ATG working group to identify R&D and innovation priorities in the national aerospace sector. The UAS/RPAS/drones market has a high growth potential in the next decade, with a high capacity for creating added value in multiple sectors and applications.

The Aerospace Technologies Group (GTA) is responsible for any activity carried out in the field of typical aerospace technologies, such as composite materials, advanced and flow control systems, advanced alloys for propulsion, advanced simulation, UAVs/autonomy, electrification and hybrid and/or electric propulsion, air traffic control, etc. This group created the GTA-R subgroup: R&D and innovation in RPAS, to carry out the study on industrial R&D and innovation needs in the field of remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS). As part of its work, the group recently published the final document on Industrial Priorities for R&D and Innovation in Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).

The document defines 28 detailed industrial R&D and innovation priorities, each with a data sheet, and divided into six areas: system integration and simulation; control systems; on-board equipment and systems; land-based equipment and systems; experimentation and certification techniques; and air traffic management. It also contains an annex, in which 11 universities and technology centres of the PAE, including TECNALIA, detail the lines of research in each of these priorities, and another annex, in which five of the companies that have led the group explain how the R&D and innovation priorities defined will contribute, not only to developing new product lines, but also to establishing and making their current lines more competitive.

This document is expected to be a tool for improving R&D and innovation collaborations between PAE members on issues related to unmanned aerial systems.

Document on Industrial Priorities for R&D and Innovation in Unmanned Aerial Systems

This document was drafted by the PAE GTA-R working group during the first half of 2020. It was created as a continuation of the work carried out by a group of TEDAE companies during 2018-19 on remotely piloted aircraft systems. It was jointly coordinated by the Spanish Aerospace Platform (PAE) and the Centre for Advanced Aerospace Technologies (CATEC).

GTA-R is made up of FADA-CATEC (coordinator), ACITURRI, AERTEC Solutions, AIRBUS, AIRBUS DS, AIRBUS Helicopters, ALTER Technology, ALTRAN, INDRA, TECNALIA and UPV, as well as group members: AIMPLAS, CEIT, CTA, IAC, TECNUN, UC3M, UAH, UMA and UPCT. It received feedback and contributions from a total of 20 PAE entities, which collaborated in the drafting of this document.

Download the Document on Industrial Priorities for R&D and Innovation in Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).