TECNALIA is a founding partner of the STECH association to boost the manufacturing industry

31 January 2022
Realidad Aumentada

“We bring together over 600 companies, which employ 16,500 people and have a total turnover of over 3 billion euros.”

The STECH association was created to bring together companies that offer digitalisation, automation and robotics services, and maintenance aimed at the world of advanced manufacturing.

The newly-created STECH association joins AFM, ADDIMAT, AFMEC, ESKUIN, and UPTEK, bringing together over 600 companies that employ 16,500 people and reach a total turnover of more than 3 billion euros. This new association, of which TECNALIA is a founding partner, kicks off with the aim of accelerating the development of the manufacturing industry .

The search for synergies and common points with other industries such as machine-tool, additive and 3D manufacturing, machining and metal-mechanical transformation, and hand tools are the lever to expedite the leap towards the industry 4.0.

Transformation of the industry into industry 4.0

The association is open to the incorporation of all hardware, software and services companies in the world of digitisation (IoT, connectivity, monitoring, data analytics, simulation, computer vision, machine learning, artificial intelligence, platforms, etc.); automation and robotics; as well as advanced maintenance and assembly, with a specific portfolio focused on manufacturing. New associates may apply for membership in STECH at any time.

STECH's contribution to current AFM CLUSTER members will be the active incorporation of a group of companies that are indispensable agents in the transformation of the industry into industry 4.0.