TECNALIA is developing a range of "zero-defect" vehicles with safe and reliable digital twins

30 April 2021
Gemelo digital para vehículos cero defectos

Digital twin technology offers many possibilities in automotive industry production processes

The use of the digital twin technology in industrial environments is a true revolution when developing industrial maintenance plans and managing predictive maintenance of the most critical assets. It also enables companies to anticipate incidents or events that may happen at the plant.

The priority of the automotive sector is to design online quality control systems. To this end, TECNALIA is working alongside GRUPO ANTOLÍNESTAMPACIONES MAYO, FERSA, FAGOR, SEGULA, GRUPO ALAVA and EUROHELP to develop a system using digital twin technology in order to manufacture “zero-defect” vehicles and improve operational efficiency.

Three key challenges in the automotive industry

  • Information visibility throughout the entire supply chain
  • Maximisation of the end product quality
  • Industrial asset availability improvement

In order to face these challenges, TECNALIA uses digital twin technology, which involves building a virtual simulation of an asset, process or product, using their physical features and collected data and parameters that are generated. Thanks to this virtual simulation or model hybridisation, problems or faults can be detected in advance and process results can be predicted more accurately than with pure simulation models.

This virtual simulation includes artificial vision systems to inspect the surface, and 3D control of the parts, tailored to the specific needs of the production line. This technology enables companies to improve quality standards in the manufacturing line and to implement deep learning algorithms, in order to detect defects and promote continuous improvement.

All this is complemented by other technology like Blockchain. When applied to digital twins, this other technology guarantees data integrity.

Further information

The new system is already being applied at the factories of GRUPO ANTOLIN, FERSA BEARINGS and ESTAMPACIONES MAYO, in Burgos, Valencia, Zaragoza and Pamplona. Three use cases are being used: process optimisation, maintenance optimisation and online quality control.

This system should have all the functionalities integrated into the operation of factories by the end of 2021.