TECNALIA presents its developments in industry 4.0 at EMO Hanover hand in hand with the leading machine-tool manufacturers

15 September 2017

We will be at the sector’s leading fair as a technological partner of Ibarmia, Zayer, ONA, Correa and Shuton

EMO, the world's leading machine-tool fair will bring the sector's main manufacturers and users to Hanover from Monday 18th to Saturday 23rd September. Over these 6 days, we will showcase diverse developments in the field of Industry 4.0, aimed at increasing the competitiveness of companies and fostering their digital transformation, through machine-tool manufacturers, such as Ibarmia, Zayer, ONA, Correa and Shuton.

Ibarmia, Zayer, ONA and Correa present new services and functional improvements to their machines based on the smart analysis of machine and process data automatically acquired during their use. The functional improvements derive from the machine's continuous adaptation to the instantaneous operating conditions, which are known through the integrated sensors. The new services, such as predictive maintenance, analysis of the quality of the processes and reports on machine use are the result of the smart analysis of the data acquired automatically during the processes. The continuous monitoring system is based on cloud-based platforms and is compatible with other information services offered by tool manufacturers, component manufacturers and others. The results obtained are increased operating efficiency and greater performance of the machines.

Shuton, the manufacturer of precision ballscrews, presents the iBallscrew on its stand, which offers new lubrication and refrigeration features adapted to the machine's operating conditions, as well as monitoring the performance and state of the ballscrew. iBallscrew provides information related to the screw, such as the distribution of temperatures and vibrations by means of a monitoring system developed by TECNALIA. The information is easily integrated in the machine's PLC and allows machine-tool manufacturers to implement advanced machine functions.

Furthermore, in order to seek efficient cooling and lubrication solutions for materials of difficult machinability, TECNALIA, the University of the Basque Country and HRE Hidraulic have developed a cryogenic cooling and lubrication device based on carbon dioxide, which offers significant advantages in terms of the quality and lifetime of the tool during the machining of materials such as titanium, hardened steel and carbon or glass fibre compounds. The device is sold by HRE and is integrated into one of the machines on the Ibarmia stand.

This extensive presence ratifies the driving force of TECNALIA in the machine-tool sector, which is key for the competitiveness of the Basque economy.