TECNALIA works with 35 countries to develop clean nuclear fusion energy

6 May 2024

“The ITER programme seeks to develop nuclear fusion energy as a clean and sustainable source of energy for the future”

TECNALIA has been selected as one of the official suppliers in Europe for the ITER programme

ITER is an ambitious international programme to develop nuclear fusion energy as a clean and sustainable energy source for the future. The ITER Project works with organisations in 35 countries.

TECNALIA collaborates in various project areas such as engineering, metrology, quality control, materials research, among other relevant fields.

International collaboration

The ITER Project is an international collaborative effort to develop nuclear fusion energy, and has a wide network of suppliers and collaborators around the world.

Some of the main suppliers and partners include:

  1. Engineering and construction companies: several world-renowned engineering and construction companies are involved in the construction of the ITER facilities, providing design, engineering, fabrication and construction services.
  2. Component and equipment suppliers: a wide range of suppliers provide specialised components and equipment necessary for the construction and operation of ITER, including materials, control systems, vacuum equipment, cooling systems, among others.
  3. Research institutions and universities: Numerous research institutions and universities offer scientific and technical expertise to develop and run ITER, participating in collaborative research projects and providing highly qualified personnel.
  4. Governments and international organisations: The governments of ITER member countries and international organisations such as the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) support the project with funding and collaborate on regulatory and policy issues.