TECNALIA works with CTAG to drive new mobility and the transformation of the industry

28 September 2021

TECNALIA and CTAG, together, attended the MindTech Fair; a benchmark in the metal sector and its associated technologies

TECNALIA and CTAG have joined forces and capacities in order to place Spain at the forefront of the debate on the new mobility and the transformation of the industry.

The Mindtech fair took place last week at IFEVI, the Vigo Fair Institute. This fair is a benchmark in the industrial sector of the Iberian Pole for the leading domestic and international companies of the metal sector and its associated technologies.

TECNALIA and the Automotive Technology Centre of Galicia (CTAG), shared a stand, thus intensifying the collaboration agreement in R&D and innovation for the Industry 4.0 and mobility.

Developments and technologies presented

  • Technologies focused on ergonomics and postural health in the Industry 4.0: exoskeletons.
  • Technologies to meet the challenges of advanced manufacturing and robotics in different areas of activity; a labelling robot and the SCAN-N-PLAN robot. The latter performs operations on parts without the need to pre-programme their trajectories; which allows for the manufacture of multiple references in a more agile, versatile, and convenient way.