The AutoMOST initiative wins the "ITS Award for Autonomous and Connected Vehicles" at the 21st ITS Spanish Congress

20 July 2021
Autmost_primer autobús automatizado 100% eléctrico

This is the most important project in the development of vehicle automation technologies in urban transport applications.

The “ITS Award for Autonomous and Connected Vehicles” recognises the AutoMOST initiative for its work in developing vehicle automation technologies in urban transport applications. The ITS Congress will focus on five main areas; ITS for pay per use of roads; ITS for safety and efficiency in managing road tunnels; connected mobility; smart cities and digitisation of payment in public transport.

For the first time in this field, AutoMOST tackles the great challenge of adding a positioning and sensor system to a large urban passenger transport vehicle, that will travel autonomously through the city. This will also involve implementing shared control systems (Dual Mode) for autonomous passenger transport vehicles, and allow services to be operated more efficiently and flexibly, in a context of smart and connected infrastructures.

TECNALIA has been in charge of all the technical management, collaborating with several partners such as AVANZA (project leader), Irizar (the vehicle supplier), Datik (smart mobility management information technologies), Etralux (mobility management infrastructure and software in the context of a smart city), Masermic (electronic positioning and sensing technologies), Insitu (laser scanner technology, georadar, GIS, etc.) and Novadays (public sector consultant specialising in infrastructure and mobility), as well as EMT and the Port of Malaga.

This congress will also feature TECNALIA employees Sergio Campos and Sonia Bilbao in the session entitled "New Technologies for Planning Urban Mobility", and Jesús Murgoitio on "Connected Fleet and Automated and Cooperative Navigation for heavy FCEVs".

Further information

The ITS España 2021 Awards will be presented at the congresses organised by ITS ESPAÑA, before their closing ceremony.