Waste recovery; from ashes to efficient products

7 February 2024
Valorización de residuos: de cenizas a productos eficientes para construcción

“TECNALIA turns ashes into more efficient products for paper, chemical, construction, plastics and rubber industries”

TECNALIA is researching the transformation of waste from combustion plant purification systems, such as ashes, into high value-added products applicable to different sectors.

TECNALIA collaborates with Agaleus, Sader, Ogerko and Tamoin to develop new processes to turn ash into more efficient products for the paper, chemical, construction, plastics and rubber sectors, among others. Waste from combustion plant purification systems will be recovered and turned into a new resource, as opposed to the current landfill disposal model. To date, there are no treatments in Spain that recovers this type of waste.

Decarbonisation of the construction and cement sectors

The PROCEN project was created in response to the need to decarbonise the construction sector and to seek new, more circular business models. This will lead to more competitive, lower-cost, more environmentally friendly products that allow for greater availability of raw materials. The project is also aligned with the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Plan 2030 (PCTI), which promotes innovation and technology to accelerate the transition towards a greener region, by decarbonising as a priority the cement sector and working towards waste circularity. TECNALIA will work together with the companies in the consortium on the carbonation of ashes, the development of electrified technologies for drying and microwave activation of ashes and the incorporation of these ashes in cement-based construction materials. The research is currently in its early stages and will be completed by 2025.

**This project is backed by the Hazitek Programme 2023 of the SPRI Group (Basque Government) and funded by the ERDF.