Floating laboratory in a real offshore environment (HarshLab)

Laboratorio flotante en entorno real offshore (HarshLab)

An advanced floating platform for evaluating materials and components against corrosion, ageing and fouling phenomena, in a real offshore environment.

The installation, which focuses on extending the life cycle of components and equipment in aggressive environments, is anchored 1.6 miles off the coast and makes it possible to carry out evaluations in splash, immersion and atmospheric areas.


HarshLab1.0 is anchored at BIMEP (Biscay Marine Energy Platform –, 1.6 miles off the coast of Armintza (Bay of Biscay, Spain).


HarshLab makes it possible to carry out tests under controlled conditions:

  • Standardised test specimens and components in splash, immersion and atmospheric areas.
  • Up to 125 samples in the atmospheric exposure area, 320 in the splash area and a further 320 in the immersion area, giving up to a total of 765 samples.

HarshLab has good maritime communication with the port of Armintza, Bizkaia – Spain (10′ sailing time) and is monitored 24 hours a day.

Thanks to the weather stations and ocean buoys installed in and around BIMEP (Biscay Marine Energy Platform), we have extensive records on the weather and sea conditions recorded during the tests.

Weather data:

  • Annual rainfall: 1500 mm/year
  • Average annual temperature: 13 ºC
  • Average annual maximum temperature: 16 ºC
  • Average annual minimum temperature: 10 ºC
  • Average sunshine: 1825 hours/year
  • Wetting hours (Temp>0 ºC, RH>80%): 5625 hours/year

Oceanographic data:

  • Minimum and maximum water temperatures: 11 ºC (Jan) – 22 ºC (Aug)
  • Min. / average / max. significant wave height: 1.15 m / 1.67 m / 9.62 m
  • Average salinity: 35 PSU
  • Dissolved O2, average value: 6 ml/l
  • Average transmittance: 88%

Main biofouling species identified:

  • Bryozoa
  • Perforatus perforatus
  • Anomia ephippium
  • Hiatella arctica
  • Mytilus galloprovincialis

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Aimed at:

Companies, universities and any national/international research centre interested in testing materials or components in a real offshore environment.

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