Corrosion analysis and protection facilities

Instalaciones para el análisis de la corrosión y su protección

Our facilities have the equipment required to carry out a complete corrosion analysis for a wide variety of industrial sectors.

We analyse the causes of corrosion and suggest improvements for protecting materials and components in the most aggressive environments.


Our laboratory has the infrastructure required to carry out general corrosion, pitting, cracking, fatigue and intergranular corrosion tests, among others.

Accelerated tests:

  • Salt fog test
  • Cyclic tests
  • Kesternich test
  • Accelerated humidity test
  • Accelerated ageing test (UV/condensation alternate immersion cycles)
  • Impact of solid particles

Electrochemical tests:

  • Kinetic measurements of electrochemical cells and electrodes at high temperature/pressure
  • Rotating disk electrode
  • Linear sweep voltammetry and linear polarisation resistance

Tests in autoclaves at high temperature and pressure:

  • High temperature/pressure autoclaves to simulate acid/non-acid environments
  • Cracking: sulphide stress cracking (SSC) / stress corrosion cracking (SCC) / H2 induced cracking (HIC), etc.
  • Performance of corrosion inhibitors
  • Electrochemical corrosion in autoclave

Specific tests for oil & gas:

  • H2 induced cracking (HIC) and H2 stress cracking (HSC)
  • Sulphide stress cracking (SSC) (tensile stress and C-ring test)
  • Slow strain rate test (SSRT)

Characterisation of coatings:

  • Microscopy
  • EIS
  • Cathodic detachment
  • FTIR spectroscopy
  • Impact test
  • Abrasion
  • Chemical resistance
  • Infra-red thermography

Real-life examples:

  • Floating laboratory in a real offshore environment
  • Demonstrator in the port of Pasaia

Atmospheric demonstrators

Aimed at:

  • Component manufacturers
  • Coatings manufacturers
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Certifications and Accreditations

ENAC. Spanish National Accreditation Body
NADCAP MTL accreditation for Materials Testing
Nadcap accreditation for material testing
AIRBUS authorized Laboratory for Surface Treatment
AIRBUS authorized Laboratory for Surface Treatment
Laboratorio autorizado por la ESA (Agencia Espacial Europea) para “SMT Microsectioning” según ECSS-ST-Q-70-38
European Space Agency (ESA) authorised laboratory
Coating Inspector NACE CIP-1
NACE CIP-1 coating inspectors