Surface engineering laboratory

Laboratorio de ingeniería de superficies

The laboratory has a wide range of different surface technologies for developing coatings, surface treatments and surface modifications for different applications such as: tribological surfaces, anti-corrosion surfaces, protective surfaces, optical surfaces, omniphobic surfaces, functional surfaces and sensory surfaces; and for characterising the surfaces obtained.


This infrastructure has the following equipment:

  • Cathodic spray system for physical vapour deposition (PVD): with direct current (DC), alternating current and at medium frequency (MF), as well as with high power impulses (HIPIMs).
  • Equipment for active plasma shielding or post-discharge: nitriding, nitrocarburising, post-oxidation, hollow cathode treatment and coating deposition, among others.
  • Equipment for plasma functionalisation and plasma polymer deposition.
  • Microwave plasma.
  • Dip-coating.

Multi-purpose pilot plants:

We have automatic pilot plants (10 l and 30 l tanks) for chemical conversion, coating, electroplating, anodising, polymer coating, surface cleaning, passivation and sol-gel technology.

Equipment for characterisation:

  • Profilometer.
  • Equipment for scratch-resistance testing.
  • Equipment for ultra micro hardness testing.
  • Tribometers (POD Pin-On-Disk, alternatives – reciprocating – at different temperatures and in different environments).
  • Electro-tribometers.
  • Erosion tests.
  • Leakage tests.

Aimed at:

All industries that focus on solving industrial problems such as wear, erosion, ageing, corrosion and bio-fouling, and on improving the functional properties of materials and components (electrical contact resistance, optical properties, self-cleaning, anti-frost, anti-microbial, anti-fouling, among others).

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