Laboratory service

Measurement of residual stress

Medida de tensiones residuales

We measure residual surface stress through X-ray diffraction on iron, aluminium, nickel and copper-based metal materials.

This technique enables residual stress in a certain direction, the residual stress tensor and the main stress in an industrial component to be measured.

This service is performed with Xstress 3000 G2R portable equipment. The technique used is based on X-ray diffraction, using a chrome anode to assess the stress in crystalline iron, aluminium, nickel and copper-based metal materials.

It facilitates the quantitative value of the internal stress in a part or component inherent in its production process.

The measurements are taken in accordance with UNE-EN 15305 “Test Method for Residual Stress analysis by X-ray Diffraction” and with the requirements set out by TECNALIA as a recognised radioactive installation IRA/3025.

Aimed at:

  • Design and/or maintenance engineering firms Metal transformation by forming (hot and cold)
  • Companies specialised in thermal treatments: treatment companies
  • Metal transformation by chip removal: machining
  • Boiler making and welding