560,000 young people are looking for a solution to the challenges of freight transport

27 January 2022

‘The goal is to bring the scientific-technological world and digital skills closer to Basque students through teamwork, programming, robotics and value education’.

The Basque Innovation Agency, Innobasque , together with the University of Deusto, Fomento de San Sebastian and Mondragon Unibertsitatea, organised the 13th edition of the FIRST LEGO League Euskadi.

The FIRST LEGO League international education programme proposes to more than 560,000 young people from all over the world, to seek an innovative solution to the challenges facing the transport of goods; a challenge to which they must apply science, technology and a lot of fun and teamwork.

A series of online training workshops related to logistics and transport of goods have being developed this January. The aim is for Basque schoolchildren to be able to know first hand the work of the research, scientific and technologist personnel who carry out their professional work in the area of the proposed challenge. It is a all about showing children and young people the professions they could choose if they decide to pursue technical studies.

Workshop initiative InclusivEbike

TECNALIA has collaborated in this project by offering the workshop on the project InclusivEbike which aims to improve the personal mobility of vulnerable people and to ensure that no one is left behind in this effort due to the risk of COVID-19 associated with transport. A new 4-wheel, safe, quiet, clean and energy-efficient eBike has been developed for this purpose.

Tournament on 5 March 

The 13th FIRST LEGO League Euskadi awakens the interest of schoolchildren in scientific and technological careers, bringing them closer to science, problem solving and innovation. It has the support of the Basque Government's Department of Education, Araba Provincial Council, Bizkaia Provincial Council and Gipuzkoa Provincial Council. The final will be held on Saturday 5 March, with participation levels close to the pre-pandemic era: 43 educational centres registered.

These training sessions, unique in Spain, are an Innobasque commitment to consolidate THE FIRST LEGO League as a reference STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education programme in the Basque Country.