Acoustic assessment of furniture that increases privacy

6 May 2022

“We assess the conversational reduction level of furniture used to improve the acoustic comfort of its users.”

Acoustic furniture assessment service designed to increase conversational privacy in communal environments

More and more furniture systems are being designed to provide conversational privacy in open-plan offices and shared rooms and to minimise interference and distraction in the activity of other workers and/or people. Examples of these systems are assembled mobile furniture: work cabins, self-supporting cabins (telephone, meeting rooms...), armchairs with panels...

New testing service for furniture manufacturers in accordance with ISO 23351-1

The architectural acoustics laboratory makes this test available to furniture manufacturers: it enables conversational reduction levels provided by these systems to be measured and reported. This test complements the ISO 10140 sound insulation tests and ISO 354 sound absorption tests, which were already offered for audiometry furniture and cabins, as per ISO 11957.

With this new assessment method, manufacturers have a common assessment system, and buyers can set the conversational reduction level based on the ambient noise in the area where the furniture is to be installed.