Introducing the alliance driving the green hydrogen value chain

17 April 2024

“TECNALIA fosters the development and scaling up of membranes for electrolysers to produce green hydrogen”

POLYMAT and TECNALIA, an alliance to drive the green hydrogen value chain in the Basque Country

POLYMAT and TECNALIA have created an alliance to drive the green hydrogen value chain in the field of polymers and membranes for electrolysers. This collaboration is aimed at speeding up the development and scaling up of competitive, stable membranes for electrolysers to produce green hydrogen , in order to drive the development of electrolyser components in the Basque Country.

TECNALIA commits to green hydrogen

TECNALIA has worked for more than 20 years on developing and scaling up technology and polymeric membranes for separating gases and, more recently, for electrolysers in hydrogen and membrane technologies and process intensification equipment.

In the words of Ekain Fernández, “this is another step forward in our commitment to green hydrogen as a key vector for decarbonisation. At the start of the year, we inaugurated our new hydrogen infrastructures for developing, scaling up and characterising hydrogen technologies, and we have continued to forge strategic alliances with international and local organisations, such as the Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senften (BTU) and POLYMAT, with the aim of building bridges to speed up the creation of an electrolyser components industry in the Basque Country”.

The POLYMAT team

The POLYMAT Basque Center for Macromolecular Design and Engineering is a Basque research centre of excellence in Donostia-San Sebastian devoted to fundamental research inspired by the synthesis, assembly and processing of polymers.

The POLYMAT team is coordinated by Nerea Casado and David Mecerreyes and has a wide range of experience over many years in the synthesis of polymers for electrochemical applications such as batteries, bioelectronics and corrosion.

Nerea Casado explained that “there is a synergy between our polymers and TECNALIA's expertise in hydrogen technologies. We wanted to set out a roadmap to provide a focal point for future cooperation.