Mercedes-Benz Vitoria’s decarbonisation plan receives award

22 December 2022
Elena Solana y Andoni Duque recogen el premio al plan de descarbonización de Mercedes-Benz Vitoria

“First prize presented to Mercedes-Benz Spain for the e-District initiative that will allow the decarbonisation of its Vitoria plant”

The decarbonisation plan of the Mercedes-Benz Spain Vitoria factory, developed with the support of TECNALIA, received the A3E award.

The IX Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Awards ceremony was held in Madrid, organised by the Asociación de Empresas de Eficiencia Energética y Sostenibilidad (Association of Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Companies) (A3E); these awards acknowledge organisations that are committed to and contribute to promoting sustainability in our country.

Out of all this edition’s nominees, the first prize in the category of Best Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Action, in which TECNALIA participates, was awarded to the Mercedes-Benz factory in Vitoria-Gasteiz for the initiative “e-District: A new concept of buildings, industrial environments, and local industrial energy community." The award was collected by Elena Solana and Andoni Duque, engineers at the Mercedes-Benz Vitoria-Gasteiz factory.

e-District's keys to decarbonisation

TECNALIA has helped Mercedes-Benz Vitoria identify and develop the R&D&I initiatives necessary to carry out the decarbonisation strategy for the Mercedes-Benz Vitoria Plant competitively, and to achieve the company's Zero Emissions challenge by 2039.

The development of these technologies and processes is carried out by working jointly with local benchmark companies, and with the support of TECNALIA.

The solutions developed in e-District will enable the reduction of energy consumption and operating costs of the factory as a whole, eliminating CO2 emissions in an efficient and competitive manner in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Minimise the energy required for processes and buildings.
  • Recover unused waste heat such as cooling of compressors, chillers, or cataphoresis coatings (KTL).
  • Replace fossil fuels for highly-efficient and CO2-free generation systems.
  • Harness local renewable resources available in the factory environment through geothermal probes, and solar thermal and photovoltaic collectors.
  • Transfer local surplus energy to other buildings in the factory or its surroundings.
  • Store surplus heat or electricity production/recovery in the ground or in batteries.
  • Predictive orchestration of loads, availability and the need for heat and power generation.

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