Spain, world leader in offshore floating wind power

30 March 2022

“At the Offshore Wind Power Forum, we support offshore wind power as a unique opportunity for decarbonisation and economic development”

TECNALIA supports the deployment of offshore wind power in Spain as an opportunity for industrial and economic growth

The Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE) and a number of companies related to wind power in Spain have launched the Wind Power Forum. One of the main objectives of this is to advance in the development of offshore floating wind power.

The Development of Offshore Wind Power in Spain Manifesto, signed by more than 170 companies, focuses on promoting the development of offshore wind power in Spain and transmitting the need to accelerate the development of the regulatory framework so that Spain maintains its world leadership position in offshore floating wind power.

TECNALIA has joined the other signatories of the agreement in their conviction that offshore wind power is a unique and unrepeatable opportunity for Spain, in terms of job creation and economic and social development in coastal areas, and for the country’s positioning in industry and R&D and innovation.

TECNALIA provides technological solutions, developed in collaboration with industry, to achieve a reduction in wind power costs throughout its value chain: solutions for offshore systems , for energy integration in smart grids and energy storage, digitalisation for O&M and process improvement, innovative materials; and to support a circular economy in the wind power industry.

Decarbonisation, wind power and floating wind power

In order to meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement related to increasing renewable energies in the energy mix, the total offshore wind power required worldwide must be 228 GW by 2030 and 1,000 GW by 2050. Offshore wind power will account for half of Europe's wind power generation by 2040.

In Spain we have 7,661 km of coastline. This offers the country the opportunity to take advantage of wind at sea. Due to the characteristics of our coastline with deep sea beds, the most suitable offshore wind technology is floating offshore wind power. This technology has numerous demonstration projects. The first commercial parks are already under development in our country.