Standardisation and CE Marking for construction products

13 April 2023
Marcado CE vidrios ventanas

“TECNALIA is a Technical Assessment Body for construction products not covered by a harmonised standard”

Annual meeting: European Window Film Association

The European Window Film Association (EWFA) held its annual meeting in Barcelona. Various topics of interest to EWFA members were discussed, such as Next Generation funds, the evolution of technical codes in Europe, standardisation and CE marking.

Miguel Mateos, responsible for the evaluation of innovative products at TECNALIA, gave a presentation entitled “Standardisation and CE Marking for Construction Products”. Miguel explained the current state of standardisation for window glass films and the possibilities of CE marking via ETA, as this type of product is not covered by any harmonised standards. He also explained the advantages that this CE marking will bring to EWFA members when marketing their products.

TECNALIA and marking of construction products

TECNALIA is a Notified Body no. 1292 within the framework of the Construction Products Regulation No 305/2011 (CPR) for the CE marking of construction products; CE marking is essential for all products covered by a harmonised standard when accessing the European market.

Within the same framework of the CPR, TECNALIA is a Technical Assessment Body (TAB) and a member of the European Organisation for Technical Assessment (EOTA), for the issuing of European Technical Assessments (ETA) for construction products not covered by a harmonised standard.