Testing photovoltaic modules in a real offshore environment

24 May 2023
Ensayo de módulos fotovoltaicos en el laboratorio flotante offshore HarshLab

“TECNALIA tests and collects samples to test their performance in real offshore operating conditions”

TECNALIA integrates various samples of small photovoltaic modules in the HarshLab offshore technology testing laboratory

The HarshLab platform houses various samples manufactured by TECNALIA’s photovoltaic systems team: operated and developed by our team with the support of the Basque Energy Cluster and the help of the Basque Government.

The samples cover various manufacturing alternatives, materials and cell technologies to test their performance in real offshore operating conditions. These tests are part of the work that TECNALIA is carrying out for the company Oliver Design, within the framework of the H2OCEAN Strategic Hazitek project, supported by the Basque Government.

TECNALIA has also manufactured a mini-series of photovoltaic panels with SOLARFACE® technology, some of them with coating solutions researched in the HEU ENGIMMONIA project in which TECNALIA is involved. This photovoltaic panel manufacturing technology produces photovoltaic modules with a lightweight and versatile design, with a number of potential advantages for integration in the maritime sector. The information that is collected will be able to feed into PV production models of the technology in marine environments.

Promotion of floating photovoltaic systems

These tests strengthen TECNALIA’s activity in the field of floating photovoltaic systems. An activity that began four years ago with the start-up of a nearshore testing infrastructure in the port of Mutriku; complementary to the unique and highly valuable infrastructure of HarshLab and BiMEP, to test offshore renewable materials and solutions.

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