Laboratory service

Predictive maintenance of power transformers

Mantenimiento predictivo de transformadores de potencia

We offer testing services for the predictive maintenance and diagnosis of power transformers at substations, power stations and industrial plants.

We have extensive experience in carrying out tests at power stations and substations.


Characterisation tests on the condition of the coils, magnetic core and terminals as part of the predictive maintenance and asset management programmes.


  • Tan Delta and Coil Capacitance
  • Tan Delta and Terminal Capacitance
  • FRA– Frequency Response Analysis
  • FDS- Spectroscopy
  • Recovery Voltage
  • Insulation and Polarisation Index in Coils
  • Ohmic Resistance of Coils
  • Characterisation of the Magnetic Package (reduced voltage excitation)
  • Transformation ratio
  • Dispersion impedance

Aimed at:

  • Electrical Companies
  • Power Stations
  • Manufacturers of electrical equipment
  • Industrial Plants
  • Promoters of Renewable Energy Farms
  • Operation and Maintenance Firms