Nautilus Floating Solutions, a benchmark company in the development of floating platforms, is one of the 20 Spanish startups that will take off in 2021

20 April 2021

The company participated by TECNALIA has been identified by “El Referente” as one of the startups with a promising future in the entrepreneurial ecosystem due to its proposals, innovation and technology.

Nautilus Floating Solutions has been identified by El Referente, the leading Spanish journal on startups, entrepreneurship and innovation, as one of the 20 Spanish startups of the energy industry that has a great future in the domestic and international entrepreneurial ecosystem, thanks to its proposal, innovation or technology.

NAUTILUS is an industrial and technological consortium including Astilleros de Murueta, Tamoin, Velatia, Vicinay Marine Innovación, and TECNALIA Ventures, our own Deep Tech Venture Builder.

The company aspires to become the world leader in the development of floating platforms for the off-shore wind power market. Its goal is to develop semi-submerged floating platforms that can be used in locations where the depth of the seabed does not allow for current offshore solutions with foundations.

The advantages of the structure are based on its design, which allows for manufacturing in conventional shipyards, assembly of the wind turbine in the port and towing and installation using conventional boats.