TECNALIA works on first truck powered by hydrogen and electricity

2 December 2021
Shinefleet_camión hidrógeno eléctrico

Hydrogen-based technological solutions for the smart and sustainable mobility of heavy vehicle fleets

El project is called SHINEFLEET and is led by Técnicas Reunidas. It is actively working on the decarbonisation of road freight transport. Hydrogen-based technological solutions are going to be developed to boost the smart and sustainable mobility of heavy vehicle fleets.

The aim is to create a prototype of a truck powered by hydrogen and electricity, and it is expected to be in the testing stages by 2023. The challenge is to make this vehicle profitable and weigh as little as possible so as not to reduce load capacity.

This initiative will result in a hydrogen fuel cell for trucks, and a modular and compact generation system that combines renewable and blue hydrogen. The aim is to offer long-awaited solutions to replace diesel vehicles.

The project is structured around three different areas:

  1. The creation of a new smart system for the decentralised production of hydrogen with a low carbon footprint.
  2. The design of a tractor head that works with this fuel.
  3. A system that will allow the entire fleet to be interconnected, thus seeking better communication and navigation of the vehicles.

One step further in the use of green hydrogen

Other companies are working alongside TECNALIA and Técnicas Reunidas: Cikautxo, Avia Ingeniería, Carbotainer, Idneo, Fractalia and FM Logistic, as well as the Spanish Hydrogen Centre, the Institute of Chemical Technology, the Autónoma and Complutense Universities of Madrid, and Eurecat.