Laboratory service

Data Concentrator Tests

Ensayos de concentradores de datos

We offer conformity assessment of data concentrators and gateways, including assessment of essential requirements set out in the MID and EMC European directives, certification of communications and data protocols and assessment of the functionality of such equipment.
This service is offered to electrical equipment manufacturers, with the aim of demonstrating to electrical companies that the equipment complies with their specifications.

Services offered:

  • Certification of smart meters
  • Consultancy and technical training courses to accompany electric companies in AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) projects
  • Conformity assessment according to standards and specifications
  • Product development tests
  • Cybersecurity tests
  • Interoperability and performance tests
  • Product functionality and remote management system tests
  • Development of test books
  • Development and licensing of specific testing tools to evaluate compliance with the test specifications set out in the test books

Products evaluated:

  • Data concentrators
  • Gateways
  • Modems and chipsets for PRIME based nodes
  • PLC communication equipment

Tests performed:

  • PRIME 1.3.6 and 1.4 protocol certification
  • EMC tests for PLC equipment according to CENELEC EN 50065-1, EN 50065-2-3, EN 50065-7 and NB-PLC test procedure up to 500 kHz
  • STG conformity and functional tests
  • Interoperability and performance tests
  • EMC tests
  • Radio frequency tests
  • Climate and mechanical tests


  • Meters & More Association
  • UCA Iug and WI-SUN Alliance
  • Notified Body for EMC and MID Directives
  • Official Laboratory for several international companies

Our facilities:

  • PRIME Laboratory
  • Interoperability Laboratory
  • Telecommunications Laboratory
  • STG Laboratory


Aimed at:

  • Manufacturers of electrical hubs, gateways and PRIME chipsets
  • Utilities
  • Technology services consultants for electrical companies

Accreditations and Recognition

Acreditación ENAC ILAC para el sector materiales según ISO 17025 con nº expediente 4/LE148
ENAC ILAC accreditation for electrical testing in compliance with ISO 17025, under file No. 4/LE148
Organismo Notificado Nº 1292 para el Reglamento de Productos de la Construcción
Official Body certified by the Electromagnetic Compatibility EMC 2014/30/UE Directive
Laboratory recognised by Iberdrola for functional assessments of meters with DLMS protocol
Laboratory recognised by Naturgy for functional assessments of meters with DLMS protocol
Laboratory recognised by EDP for functional assessments of meters with DLMS protocol
Saudi Electricity Company
Laboratory recognised by Saudi Electricity Company for functional assessments of meters with DLMS protocol
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