Cases of Success


“TECNALIA is a key technological partner for ARTECHE to put our products on the international market”.

Roberto Ortiz de Zarate
R&D Director Arteche Group

Moving Together”

About us

ARTECHE is a Basque company with more than 70 years experience in the electrical sector, with installed equipment and solutions in more than 150 countries. It stands out for its proximity to its customers, the flexibility of its solutions and for always responding with technology and service to resolve the challenges faced by its customers.

“We are experts in our sector and we aim to always be at the forefront, launching new solutions and services. For instance, more than 80% of our procurement comes from equipment that we have updated in the past three years”, according to its R&D Director, Roberto Ortiz de Zarate, who pinpoints this as one of the keys to its success.

Facing the challenges of the future in conjunction with experts like TECNALIA

Ortiz de Zarate points out his commitment to R&D and innovation, as “the electrical sector is undergoing a huge transformation and, for this reason, we devote more than 160,000 hours to innovation projects. Although we have a fantastic team dedicated to R&D, we do not face the challenges alone. We do so by working with other experts, like TECNALIA”.

ARTECHE’s collaboration with TECNALIA dates back more than 40 years, originally to validate the designs that could not be checked at their own laboratories. “We are still working together today in both validation and in the development of new equipment”. He considers TECNALIA a key technological partner to launch products on the international market.

ARTECHE + TECNALIA collaboration

Ortiz de Zarate considers that “TECNALIA knowledge and experience helps us develop new products for smart grids, which are essential for an energy system that addresses the challenges of the sector: de-carbonisation, decentralisation and digitalisation”.

The R&D Director greatly values having an independent and internationally renowned laboratory nearby that certifies the capabilities of their products.

Today, ARTECHE and TECNALIA are partners in the Basque Electrical Laboratories Alliance (BELA).

“To comply with our motto, Moving Together, and fulfil our commitment to proximity to customers, we need partners who share these values, and TECNALIA does”.