Cases of Success



“TECNALIA assists us in the digitalisation of our products in order to become Industry 4.0.”.

Mikel Arriola Yagüe
Production Manager of ZAYER

“Machine tool and innovative chip removal”

High-technology capital goods

Founded in the 1950s, ZAYER is a family capital goods company dedicated to the design and manufacture of chip removal machines for various sectors, as well as the provision of services with high added-value.

Their models cover a vast market, addressing both column milling and bridge type machining lines. According to their Production Manager:
“What has kept us in the market all these years is the high technological level of our machines”, manufacturing a high-tech product as the best and only way to survive in a very harsh and difficult environment in which you must compete with manufacturers from around the world.

Innovation to stand out

For its products, ZAYER considers innovation to be essential, since without it “we would remain inside a rather poor market niche, so for more than 40 years the management of the company has been firmly committed to working with a very high level of innovation which means that our machines stand out and are state-of-the-art in the global market with a strong technological commitment”.

ZAYER + TECNALIA collaboration

TECNALIA assists ZAYER to look beyond, to stay ahead of its competitors, to meet future challenges head-on and gain a foothold in industry 4.0 through the sensorisation of the machine tool. And they do it with liaison work with new technologies, sharing trends and strategies that allow them to anticipate future challenges, “supporting us greatly on issues which overwhelm us every day, carrying out liaison work between the new technologies and aspects which perhaps we ourselves do not even consider as they are issues for the future. TECNALIA brings us that vision of several years in the future that enables us to introduce that type of innovation into our machines in order to compete with the best”.

  • TECNALIA assists ZAYER in the digitalisation process for stepping forward to industry 4.0.
  • Developing new high value-added products and services.
  • Technological solution development which integrates connectivity and intelligence into machine tools.