Cases of Success



“TECNALIA has been helping Bizkarra to create new products and to understand the new ingredients required to improve people’s health”.

Eduardo Bizkarra
Managing Director of BIZKARRA

“Tradition and innovation, with its own character”

About us

BIZKARRA is a family business of three generations which specialises in bakery and pastry products. It has always been faithful to natural products and original creations since it was founded in 1957.

“Today we are a leading brand in the high quality traditional bakery sector, and we only sell products that have been made by our bakers”, affirms Eduardo Bizkarra, the Managing Director.

New technologies and collaborations as competitive advantages

“The commitment to new technologies without losing our traditional spirit” is their competitive advantage.

“The continued commitment to Innovation, and above all, the collaboration with TECNALIA experts” is key to their success.

The result has been the creation of original products with the most exacting standards of ingredient quality and processes.

New ingredients for new products

According to Eduardo Bizkarra “TECNALIA has fundamentally helped us to create new products and to understand new ingredients”.

“To learn how to work with ingredients in order to incorporate them into products for health reasons, or because we have not yet been able to work with them at our bakery”.

BIZKARRA + TECNALIA collaboration

BIZKARRA and TECNALIA have collaborated together for over a decade in fields such as:

  • Traditional baked goods
  • Healthy bread rich in fibre and omega 3
  • Products tailored to meet the nutritional requirements and desired textures for the elderly

As a result, “at Bizkarra, tradition and innovation have allowed us to maintain our essence while continuing to evolve” notes the Managing Director.