Cases of Success



“TECNALIA helps us identify both the market trends that will mark the future, and technological developments that alone we could not do, shortening the time to launch new products”

Ignacio Mera
Export Area Manager at IBARMIA

“Your machine-tool point”

About us

IBARMIA is a company of family origin that has manufactured machine tools in Azkoitia for more than 60 years. At present, IBARMIA employs 130 people and exports 80% of its production in different European markets and in the USA, India or China. It has a commercial subsidiary in Germany and has started productive activity in China, aimed exclusively at that market.

Know-how and flexibility as competitive advantages

IBARMIA designs, installs and maintains technology for 5-axis multiprocess machining centres.

Its main competitive advantages are Technological Knowledge, both in hardware and software, and the Flexibility and customisation to apply it to the client’s needs.

In this sense, ‘I want to emphasise that we build machines that incorporate the most advanced technology, but also the talent and enthusiasm of the people who build them’, says Arrate Olaiz, Innovation Director of IBARMIA.

Ongoing commitment to R&D and innovation

The key to its success lies in Technological Development and its continued commitment to R&D and Innovation for many years.

IBARMIA develops intense Engineering activity through its New Developments Department, where it has the collaboration of TECNALIA experts, ‘one of our key technological partners’.

IBARMIA + TECNALIA collaboration

IBARMIA and TECNALIA have been collaborating for more than 15 years in the development of innovative solutions, such as:

  • Manufacturing via 3D Printing
  • Smart and Connected Machines
  • New Advanced Services

In this way, ‘we can supply innovative products and systems with high added value, according to the specific needs of each of our clients’ says Arrate Olaiz.