Cases of Success



“Collaboration with TECNALIA has been very rewarding for KEREON and enabled us to identify new technology-based business opportunities”.

Jose Tesán
Partner & Investment Director at KEREON

“Creating innovative business fabric”

About us

KEREON is a team of five professionals working with an investment tool and participating in business projects. It was created as a commitment to the main purpose of doing business, carrying out an economic activity and generating employment. From the outset, we aimed to become a strategic partner in business initiatives, contributing with all our experience, knowledge and contacts to fully complete those initiatives.

Technology-based business opportunities

KEREON’s experience is based on the firm belief that the secret to turning entrepreneurial initiatives into profitable businesses is to create a complete balanced ecosystem facilitating the development of an innovation-based business fabric. Thus, KEREON+TECNALIA collaboration is based on identifying technology-based high potential impact investment opportunities, boosting local strengths to address global opportunities.

KEREON + TECNALIA collaboration

Collaboration with TECNALIA has been very rewarding and enabled KEREON to ascertain the enormous scientific and technological capabilities of our region, with high potential to generate high added value activity, business and employment.

This collaboration became consolidated with the joint creation of two New Technology-Based Companies: BIOSYNCAUCHO and DIGIMET

  • BIOSYNCAUCHO – The “BIO” alternative to petroleum-based rubber. The purpose is to develop high added value chemical products based on renewable raw materials.
  • DIGIMET – It turns the steel dust environment issue into a business opportunity thanks to a new design for a newly patented ladle furnace concept.