Cases of Success



“Since the launch of ZIV we have relied on TECNALIA as our technology partner”.

Norberto Santiago Elustondo
CEO & President of ZIV

“Innovation for the electrical grid of the future”

Leaders in smart solutions

Dedicated almost exclusively to the electricity industry and smart grids, ZIV is a group of companies with 3 clearly defined areas of activity: automation of medium and high voltage substations, automation of the distribution networks, and measuring devices and concentrators.

Specialising in the domain of three key technologies or areas of knowledge such as protection and control, communications and measurement, ZIV provides solutions that combine these technologies, which means a differential advantage against competition, generally specialising in one or two of them.

Spirit of leadership and innovation

Since its launch, ZIV frames its success on the spirit of constant innovation, a spirit which pushes it towards providing new solutions to the market, based on open solutions that can clearly offer an advantage to its end customers.

In this regard, TECNALIA has been, since its founding, a technology partner, providing them with development of certain areas of expertise and the possibility of completing the product development cycle.

“TECNALIA collaborates with us on the development, assists us in final certification, product testing and in reducing the time-to-market. A contribution which is an essential condition in our field for the marketing of our products”.

ZIV + TECNALIA collaboration

With 500 professionals and references in more than 85 countries, ZIV competes with international giants, therefore flexibility and agility are key. Constantly listening to customers, and being capable of providing solutions in response to their changing needs is critical, therefore “having a technological partner like TECNALIA, who are agile, within reach and understanding of the daily requirements, is essential” notes Norberto Santiago Elustondo, CEO & Chairman of ZIV.

Together, we must anticipate the market, with our continued commitment to R&D a determining factor for being ready and having a good product whenever the market opens up. A ground-breaking DNA that is key in the business and highly internalised in all areas of ZIV.

  • Testing and certification of products in accordance with international standards.
  • Cooperation with TECNALIA during the development stage of smart grids equipment
  • The PRIME standard, in which ZIV was a founding partner and to which TECNALIA was incorporated in 2012, has resulted in a collaboration that has led both to outstanding results. Collaboration that has positioned ZIV as the technological leader in the smart grids market.