Cases of Success



“What we value most about TECNALIA is their accompaniment throughout the internal metamorphosis of our company, leading the way when we did not know and letting us lead when he had the upper hand”.

Ibon Larrea Astobiza
DITREL Technology and Production Director

“Offshore connectivity”

About us

DITREL Industrial is a family business with 35 years’ experience in the manufacture and national/international supply of bolts for high-voltage insulators.

Since our market segment reached maturity, we decided to diversify in the sector of marine renewable energies over 5 years ago.

Alliances as a competitive advantage

Ibon Larrea Astobiza, Technology and Production Direction of DITREL, considers, “our competitive advantage is undoubtedly our alliance with different collaborators, suppliers, subcontractors or clients”.

During this diversification, Ibon Larrea clearly understands that: “if you walk alone you’ll go faster but if you walk with someone you will go farther”.

Our team and commitment to emerging markets

“DITREL key to success is on the one hand, having a consolidated team always working hand in hand with our clients; while on the other one, maintaining a firm commitment to technology and innovation in emerging markets; and in our case, in marine renewable energies”.

“In DITREL, we are aware that the future holds technological and innovation solutions and attitudes; therefore, we have ratified our strong commitment to innovation projects”, stressed Ibon Larrea.

DITREL + TECNALIA collaboration

TECNALIA provided DITREL, not only with multidisciplinary technical knowledge, calculation tools or development methodologies, but also and more importantly, accompanying us during the internal metamorphosis of our company.

Together they have developed designs and obtained results which are returning a mutual benefit, such as the KONKTA2 project: a new underwater electrical connector which simplifies and reduces the cost associated with traditional offshore electrical connection and disconnection operations.

In this regard, “I would like to highlight the role of TECNALIA as a driver of collaboration with other European partners or joint ventures in the field of Harsh Lab with more Basque companies”, added Ibon Larrea.