Cases of Success



“Thanks to our collaboration with TECNALIA we were able to quickly overcome hurdles and at IKUSI we appreciate very much that their experts were ready to approach the real problems of our clients”.

Marco Domínguez Bonini
Technology Strategy Director at IKUSI

“Smart experience”

About us

KUSI is part of Velatia group, employing over 800 people, and has clients in more than 80 countries. The company provides technological solutions to operators in different sectors such as: airports, security, health, Smart Cities, machinery remote control systems, telecommunication networks, etc.

IKUSI resolves clients’ real problems helping them to optimise their business processes.

Innovative DNA under constant evolution

The key to success for IKUSI lies in innovation and constant evolution, forged over time working side-by-side with clients who constantly propose new challenges.

“Today IKUSI couldn’t be understood without constant evolution which is what our clients expect from us”, says Technology Strategy Director, Marco Domínguez Bonini, who also believes that “thanks to our collaboration with TECNALIA we have quickly overcome hurdles, and a key factor has been their experts’ know-how”.

IKUSI + TECNALIA collaboration

Our constant collaboration with TECNALIA has enabled IKUSI to accelerate innovation, embrace more challenges and try new options, opening a fast track to access knowledge and first-class technical personnel.

Some examples of IKUSI + TECNALIA collaboration include:

  • Implementing predictive capabilities to identify service demand at airports.
  • Developing a product where data predict trends that help to optimise resource management.