Cases of Success



“The collaboration with TECNALIA has allowed us to increase our competitiveness and technological skills”.

Juan Cruz Iriondo
Sales Director at ENKOA

“Identification and control systems”

About us

ENKOA is an engineering company that develops, designs and sells high added value electronic systems for the Hospitality sector, such as energy management systems or electronic locking systems.

‘After the last strategic analysis, we started a search for new activity sectors and engaged to develop products for the food and health sector, together with TECNALIA’, states its Managing Director, Juan Cruz Iriondo.

Specialisation and continuous adaptation as competitive advantages

Iriondo emphasises that the company’s competitive advantage is ‘specialisation in the electronics sector and the know-how of the hardware and software that we develop’,

And its key to success, the continuous adaptation to the evolution of the electronics sector. ‘We are very close to the market and this allows us to diversify into new geographical areas with the development of new products’, says Juan Cruz Iriondo.

ENKOA + TECNALIA collaboration

For some time now, TECNALIA has accompanied ENKOA in the design and development of new products such as:

  • Electronic locks for lockers
  • System for hearing impaired athletes
  • Add values systems to Control vegetable and fruit processes
  • Device for muscle rehabilitation via multiple electrodes

‘Many times we cannot do it alone, but collaborating with experts like TECNALIA allows us to reach objectives that we are sometimes unable to reach’, says the Managing Director of ENKOA.