Cases of Success



“An increasingly demanding world in terms of technology will require constant innovation from us, thus our collaboration with TECNALIA is an integral part of our business model”.

Susana Lasa
Director General of LANIK, S.A

“Innovation infrastructures”

About us

LANIK has over 40 years’ experience on the market and our mission is to offer solutions to the needs of society in the sphere of education, training, work and leisure infrastructures, with the most environment-friendly state-of-the-art technology and innovation worldwide. We offer a multi-disciplinary engineering service to turn the design of the most complex and unique buildings into a reality, thanks to our patented solutions of structures for roofs, façades and retractable systems.

Innovation and collaboration to overcome challenges

At LANIK we always say, “if it can be imagined, we can make it come true”. Our key to success is our ability to address new challenges. Each project is a challenge which we overcome thanks to continuous innovation, changing the way we do things differently from how we did them before.

For over ten years TECNALIA has been LANIK’s technological partner under a collaboration framework always focused on innovation, as “without innovation we could never have turned all the challenges and projects we have addressed into a reality”, LANIK Director General, Susana Lasa, said.

LANIK + TECNALIA collaboration

As a result of this continuous collaboration, LANIK was able to create different solutions such as:

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality Tools to innovate in design and management processes for construction projects.
  • An advanced multidisciplinary technological platform to access first-class prescribers, clients and projects.
  • New solutions for complex spatial structures.
  • Retractable roof automation systems.