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“TECNALIA  is one of our main technological partners in the field of Innovation development”.

Iñaki del Río
Director of Digital Labs at Ibermática/DIGITAL and Director of the Ibermática Institute of Innovation (i3B)

Technology at the service of people

About us

IBERMÁTICA is a global IT services company with a team of 3,500 people operating in 10 countries and has its own Innovation Institute.

“We are experts in technology and our secret is turning this technology into useful products and services for our clients, whereby TECNALIA is one of the main sources to capture this new technology”, assures the Director of Digital Labs at Ibermática/DIGITAL, Iñaki del Río, who is also the Director of the Ibermática Institute of Innovation (i3B).

Constant innovative capacity and attitude

For Iñaki del Río “this capacity, this attitude of constantly discovering new technologies, permanently being experts in these technologies and turning them into new products and services for clients, this is Innovation”.

And there is a challenge: that of bringing the knowledge generated in conjunction with TECNALIA to the market and turning it into GDP, into client turnover.

Ibermática + TECNALIA collaboration

“The Ibermática Institute of Innovation clearly draws from TECNALIA’s sources”, confirms its Director, Iñaki del Río.

Day by day, the areas of technological collaboration between Ibermática and TECNALIA keep growing, in particular:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Big Data
  • Cybersecurity/Blockchain
  • Advanced Interaction Systems: Virtual and Augmented Reality