Sustainable chemistry infrastructure

Infraestructura de química sostenible

Full-scale laboratory-pilot plant facilities for developing new chemical and biotechnological processes, which make it possible to synthesise new materials from biomass and CO2, develop separation techniques for recovering and purifying chemicals and gases, and improve the efficiency of chemical processes.


Our facilities include the following:

 Laboratory and pilot plant for chemical processes and synthesis

  • Glass reactors (100 ml – 20 l).
  • Multi-reactors: Mya4 (4 reactors) and Tornado Plus (6 reactors)
  • Fully automated tubular reactors: microactivity with on-line gas analysis by Micro-GC;
  • SS316 autoclaves (100 ml – 4 l) (450ºC, 200 bar).
  • Structured (millichannel) continuous flow reactors (internal diameter 5-1.75 mm) and their continuous test plant.
  • Continuous flow catalytic membrane reactors.
  • Electrochemical cells.

 Biotechnology laboratory:

  • Fermenters (0.5 ml – 2 l).
  • Multi-fermenting equipment (4 reactors; 0.1 – 0.25 l).
  • Anaerobic cabinet
  • Benchtop autoclave.
  • Incubator with orbital stirring.
  • Micro-centrifuge.

Separation technology plants:

  • Distiller (100 ml – 20 l).
  • Centrifuge.
  • Liquid-liquid extraction plant (500 ml – 25 l)
  • PSA and TSA pilot plant.
  • Continuous membrane pilot plant (direct osmosis, MF, UF, NF) (500 ml), pervaporation, electrodialysis and electro-hydrolysis with bipolar membranes.

Characterisation laboratory: it has FTIR, UV-Vis spectrophotometer, gas chromatography (HPLC GC-FID, GC-ECD, GC-HWD, GC-MS, GPC), DSC and TGA.

Aimed at:

All professionals involved in developing synthesis, separation and purification processes for new compounds and materials. Given the wide use of these processes, this includes professionals in the following industries:

  • Chemistry.
  • Energy (biofuels).
  • Pharmaceuticals.
  • Agri-food.
  • Construction.
  • Medicine.
  • Industry of intermediary compounds for these sectors.
  • Water, gas and solid waste treatment.
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